Quiz 2 - FA Cup

How well do you know your FA Cup stuff? See how you go on with these questions.

01. Who won the first FA Cup Final in 1871-72?

02. Who beat Hyde FC 26-0 in 1887 for the biggest win in FA Cup history?

03. Who beat Derby 6-0 in 1903 to record the highest FA Cup Final win?

04. Who are the only non-English club to win the FA Cup?

05. Which 3 England World Cup winners never played in a FA Cup Final?

06. Who was the scorer when Sunderland beat Leeds in the 1973 Final?

07. Who was the first player to be sent off in a FA Cup Final?

08. Who is the only goalkeeper to captain a FA Cup Final winning team?

09. Who is the only on-loan player to play in a FA Cup Final?

10. Up to the 1997 Final which Premiership club hadn't beaten Man Utd in the Cup for 76 years?

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